Shelby GT350CR

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Shelby GT500CR Classic

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Shelby GT500CR 900S

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Shelby GT500CR 545

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Love the past.
Own the future.

For more than 15 years, Classic Recreations has hand-built some of the most visionary custom cars for the demanding market of classic American muscle. But our mission is more than capturing the soul of iconic design, it’s to lay out the power of it. Top performance with perfect fit and finish. Unmistakable design and bleeding edge innovations. That’s why there’s no compromise in the way our cars look, feel or blast off the line. After all, we don’t apologize for generating as much power as awe. We are reimagining a brilliant past. Whether it’s for show awards or a great drive, we know you are the type who wants to own the future.

Red Shelby Mustang GT350CR

History Recast In Carbon Fiber.

Classic Recreations is proud to introduce the world’s first carbon fiber Shelby GT500CR Production lineup. We’ve re-imagined the iconic 1967-68 Mustang and given it more powerful engine options along with all the latest automotive technologies, giving you the best of all worlds past and present, wrapped in long lasting, rust resistant, lightweight and ultra strong carbon fiber cladding. With a lighter, more powerful muscle car, you are free to drive it your way.

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Resto-mod classic car restoration

Driven, Like You.

Our cars win shows, but we think you deserve more than a trophy. Our classic car restoration service is unmatched in the industry for the design and assembly of your custom car. From the first handshake to sheet metal replacement to custom crafted paint and body, our team of highly skilled professionals want you to get more than a great restoration, we want you to drive it without mercy.

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Legends and Monsters.
We Make Both.

Whether it’s getting behind the wheel of the epic carbon fiber Shelby Mustang or giving your favorite car project a powerful new life, Classic Restorations gives you monsters and legends to own.