commercial Debut of the cobra

Reimagined as if Carroll Shelby had today’s technology, every aspect from the carbon fiber body, to the re-engineered chassis and an engine making over 900+ hp is built to perfection.

As a proud, licensed Shelby builder, we are pleased to introduce the Diamond Edition Shelby Cobra Race Car in honor of the Cobra and Shelby American’s 60th anniversary. There will only be 10 of these re-engineered cars produced… ever. Only 10 individuals will ever be able to reserve this unique place in automotive history. Reservations now open.



The autoclave-cured , aerospace grade, pre-preg carbon fiber body of the Diamond Edition Cobra weighs in at an astounding 88 pounds.

Engineered For The Modern Era

Completely rethought, the chassis on the “car of cars” has been completely re-engineered to handle the combination of horsepower and reduced weight, creating the perfect track weapon. We know Carroll would approve.


Sparing no expense, our team of designers, artists, and engineers have carefully considered every element of this bespoke recreation of legacy. Timeless power and elegance have been infused into the Diamond Edition Shelby Cobra – where heritage meets high-speed exhilaration.

Why Legacy Matters

Carroll Shelby’s legacy is based in rebellion and an unadulterated spirit and passion to win. We have painstakingly recreated and modernized this one-of-a-kind piece of motorsport history to carry forward the legacy and vision that Mr. Shelby laid before us.