Carroll Shelby’s legacy of innovation, craftsmanship and performance once again come to life. Built on his legacy, we are proud to introduce our history making Carbon Fiber Shelby Cobra Race Car. Reimagined and reengineered from the original Cobra, the “Diamond Edition” race car body weighs only 88 pounds and will produce over 800 horsepower, making for a stunning power-to-weight ratio. Dubbed the “Diamond Edition” in honor of Shelby American’s 60th anniversary, only ten (10) of these special edition supercars will be produced. Each will feature a unique diamond encrusted badge and will have the Carroll Shelby commemorative signature on the dashboard. The Cobra’s feature a completely redesigned chassis to support the race car and all its power. $1,200,000 USD

Customization Process


The prepreg autoclave cured carbon fiber body weighs only 88 pounds and has perfect weave alignment. But it’s what's underneath that body that truly makes it the engineering feat of the century. With a VMP supercharger mated to a Gen 3 Coyote that produces over 800 horsepower, there is a considerable amount of power wrapped up in an incredibly lightweight race car. To control that power, we tapped the engineers at Schwartz Performance to re- engineer and modernize a brand new chassis for the Cobra.

Carbon Fiber Shelby Cobra


A handcrafted interior blends soft leather with classic muscle car instrumentation. A polished wood steering wheel accentuates the gleaming chrome inlays. The classic look of a Shelby with the modern feel of powerful luxury. This is what being in the driver’s seat really means.


To control that power, we tapped the engineers at Schwartz Performance to re-engineer and modernize a brand new chassis for the Cobra. To answer for rear traction, the coilovers have been moved to the billet-made, CAD-designed rocker arm position allowing the wheels and tires to have more mobility. To handle the added power, the sidelines of the car were beefed up with control arms and additional gussets to reduce flex. In order to ease the amount of effort needed to turn the wheel, we designed the chassis with 6 degree casters. To add rigidity and increased safety, sidebar supports are built throughout the chassis and a functional rollbar is being built into the chassis.

Carbon Fiber Shelby Cobra
VMP Supercharged gen 3 coyote


800 HP
  • Engine: Gen 3 Coyote
  • Output: 800 HP
  • Transmission: T56 Magnum 6-speed
  • Supercharger: VMP Supercharger
  • Fuel Management: Ford stock Injectors
  • Fuel Pump: VaporWorx twin fuel pumps 
  • Fuel Cell: Stainless Steel
  • Subframe: Custom Designed Chassis
  • Type: Rack & Pinion 
  • Column: Flaming River
  • Seats: High Back Bucket Seats 
  • Gauges: Shelby Gauges
  • Console: Custom console 
  • Speedometer: Shelby
  • Wheels: Forgeline Wheels
  • Tires: BF Goodrich
  • Front: Wilwood 6-piston
  • Rear: Wilwood 4-piston
  • Headers: Custom Stainless Steel Headers
  • Type: Side Pipes
  • Independent Rear Suspension
  • Coilovers, Front and Rear

The Diamond Edition 1965 Shelby Cobra is for offroad use only and is not street legal.

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