GM took the chance to flex their take on American muscle too. The result is another road legend, the CR1 Camaro, where power is expressed through your choice of LS engines and hard-charging style looks good on those who can wield it. A pro-touring exterior and a bold center stripe on the hood hints at its track worthiness, while the custom body work and bleeding-edge modern tech is a Classic Recreations touch to celebrate this icon’s return to the road.

Starting at $380,000*

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1960's Camaro Restoration


Arm yourself with your choice of a GM Performance LS3, LS7 or LS9, the latter pouring out 685 hp of mayhem on tracks or highways, to feel its full intention. That power is honed by a host of suspension and chassis upgrades from Chris Alston’s Chassisworks, all of it coming together to complete the evolution of a classic Camaro to a modern supercar.

1969 CR1 Camaro Blue
1969 CR1 Camaro Blue wheels
Matte black sport rims that help accentuate Forgeline 18x10 Front Forgeline 18x12 Rear wheels belong on the track. But road or track, your tires can handle the punch, with BF Goodrich Rival Tears 275/35/18 Front and BF Goodrich Rival Tires 335/30/18 Rear installed, for grip and handling your rocket.
1969 CR1 Camaro Blue engine bay
When you start with the option of a LS3 GM Performance engine that metes out 430 hp through a Tremec 6-speed manual, you might be content to stop there. But it’s ok to believe in more too. That’s why you can get a LS7 upgrade for $7,000 more (topping out at 505 hp) or a LS9 for $15,000, which will scream out your redline at 685 hp.
1969 CR1 Camaro Blue
You are greeted with a ferocious look by a CR Supercar front fascia with Piaa Driving Lights that blend menace with illumination. It’s all part of an aggressive overall style that highlights the motorsport spirit of the car, further showcased by Eddie Motorsport Billet accents and the kinds of striping that display a track heritage.


Sometimes, when you want uncontrolled power, you listen to the raging exhaust note from your CR1 Camaro; other times, you want something a little more polished. Like the interior. Don’t mistake “polished” for soft, though. With a Flaming River tilt column, a Sparco leather steering wheel, CR1 custom gauges and a Chris Alston Chassisworks Exact-Fit roll cage that’s painted to match, you are given all the muscular accents of an American legend. They are just made with matchless attention to detail that adds depth to the drive.


The interior of the CR1 Camaro was as much designed for driving as the engine was, but while the latter was engineered for punch, this was crafted for command. With Procar Evolution seats, designed for Pro-Touring enthusiasts and 5-point Camlock seatbelts strapping you in, you’re ready for ripping up the pavement. Just know that even as the action gets hot, your Old Air Products A/C system will be there to cool you down.



430 HP
LS3 GM Performance (430 HP)
Tremec 6-Speed Manual Transmission $4,500
Automatic Transmission $5,500
9″ Strange Engineering Rear with 3.89 Gear Ratio and Posi
LS7 GM Performance (505 H.P.) $7,000
LS9 GM Performance (685 H.P.) $15,000
Rack and Pinion Steering Conversion (Power)
Flaming River Tilt Column (Polished)
Forgeline 18X10 Front Wheels
Forgeline 18×12 Rear Wheels
BFGoodrich Rival 275/35/18 Front Tires
BF Goodrich Rival 335/30/18 Rear Tires
Front: 4-Piston Wilwood Calipers with 14-in. Slotted, Crossdrilled & Vented Rotors
Rear: 4-Piston Wilwood Calipers with 13-in. Slotted, Crossdrilled & Vented Rotors
Adjustable Rear Proportioning Valve
Stainless Works Long Tube Headers
Dual 2.5″ Mandrel Bent Exhaust
Magnaflow Stainless Steal Mufflers
Trunk Mounted (Optima) Battery
GM Factory Ignition
Be Cool Aluminum Crossflow Radiator
2 13-in. Electric Cooling Fans
GM Fuel Injection
Vaporworx, Single Fuel Pump
Stealth 18 Gallon Fuel Cell
Chris Alston’s Chassisworks Coilover Front Suspension
Chris Alston’s Chassisworks (G-Link) Coilover Rear Suspension
Oversized Sway Bars Front and Rear
Chris Alston’s Chassisworks Subframe Connectors
8 Point Roll Cage/Chris Alston’s Chassisworks Exact Fit Roll Cage (Painted to Match)
CR Supercars Rear Spoiler
Eddy Motorsports Billet Tail Lights
CR1 Logos
Custom Colors Available Upon Request
Sparco Racing Seats
5-Point Camlock Seatbelts
CR1 Custom Gauges
200mph Speedometer
Sparco Leather Steering Wheel
Old Air Products A/C System
TMI Door Panels
Classic Instruments Dash Cluster
Color Matched Floormats
KPH Shelby Gauges $550
Right Hand Drive $12,500
Safelink Theft Recovery System $995
CD Player with Bluetooth
Focal Auditor Series 4 Channel Amp
Focal Speakers

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