Shelby GT350CR

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Shelby GT500CR Classic

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Shelby GT500CR 900S

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Shelby GT500CR 545

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The result of blood, sweat
and tearing up the road.

We’re a car business built by
car people for car people.

Classic Recreations was started by Jason Engel 15 years ago in a shop in Yukon, OK. It was a labor of love, built by a man who had his first car at 12 and has owned more than 100 Mustangs in his life (so far, he’s still young). Since then, we’ve grown into a team of technicians and craftsmen who passionately recreate and restore built-to-order, trophy-winning, track-burning high-performance cars and trucks for discerning enthusiasts worldwide.

From our production line-up of officially licensed, carbon fiber-cladded Shelby Mustang muscle cars to our meticulous restoration of people’s dreams, our team takes 2,500 hours to craft each vehicle with uncompromised precision and attention to detail.

You’ll find out passion in the bleeding-edge innovation of our Shelby GT line – which uses the body-of-choice 1964 ½ – 1968 Mustang, while everything on and under the bonnet is fabricated in-house, hand-built and installed with the most up-to-date technology — as well as our ‘any model, any time’ custom car restoration. We want you to drive away with a deep pride of ownership.

We’re building the future, by revering a past when American muscle and American engineering reigned over the roads. The result is the finest custom cars being built in the world right now. Instant icons that run wild and fast, and are born of personal inspiration and bold desires.

With bays in Garland, TX, and our original shop in Yukon, we are ready to sit down with you, listen to your ideas, and then turn those ideas into a pulse-racing, track-tearing reality. From legendary Shelby Mustangs to show-ready stock muscle cars to custom 200 mph instant icons, we share your automotive dreams and passions. Let’s talk about what moves you.