“Restomod” Mustangs – Brand New Officially Licensed Reproduction Mustangs For Sale

Unleashing the Beast: The Art of Fastback GT500 & Boss 429 “Restomod” Ford Mustangs

Get ready to dive into the fascinating world of Mustang restomods, where classic pony cars meet modern supercar performance. This article unpacks the realm of restomod Mustangs, from the iconic fastback to the powerful GT500 and the unique Boss 429 coupe. Whether you’re a seasoned automotive enthusiast or a newcomer, you’ll gain insights into the process behind creating these contemporary classics and why they’re worth your attention.

Licensed Reproduction Mustangs

In the car world, licensed reproduction or “restomod” refers to high performance bespoke muscle cars, such as the Mustang, that have been built with the most up to date tuning and parts available. This restoration aims to enhance the vehicle’s style, reliability, and overall performance, all while maintaining its original look and feel. Imagine driving a Mustang from the 1960s that carries the stopping power, performance, and drivability of a modern sports car or supercar – that’s what bespoke cars are all about.

The Classic Fastback: A Timeless Model

The Mustang Fastback is an iconic model of the Ford Mustang lineup. With its sloping rear, the fastback style has a distinctive look that pays homage to the muscle car era. In a restomod build, builders maintain this vintage style while upgrading the speed and handling. By using components like disc brakes and high-horsepower engines, restomod Fastbacks deliver an unparalleled driving experience, one that combines the charm of yesteryears with today’s technological advancements.

The GT500 Tribute: An Homage to Power


The Classic Recreations GT500CR, a tribute to the 1967 Shelby, is another popular choice for Mustang builds. Known for its powerful V8 engine, the GT500CR stays true to its high-performance roots while incorporating modern upgrades for enhanced comfort and drivability. Modern performance parts, superior brakes, and advanced suspension systems help create a vehicle that performs like a supercar, yet retains its style and character.

Boss 429 Coupe: A Rarity Reborn

The Boss 429 Coupe is one of the rarest and most coveted models in Mustang history. The restomod version of this car is built to preserve the Boss 429’s iconic look, yet it features modern-day upgrades for improved acceleration and drivability. Under the hood, hot rod builders often opt for a Coyote crate motor, providing a contemporary powertrain that aligns with the Boss 429’s original prowess.

The Process Of GT350 & GT500 Fastback Restomod Builds

1965 Shelby GT350CR white with blue stripes built by Classic Recreations

A Ford mustang restomod relies on the science and engineering that goes into creating these impressive masterpieces. In essence, it’s about building a classic Mustang by incorporating contemporary technology and the most advanced parts. This includes modifications to the engine, chassis, and suspension to improve the vehicle’s overall stats and numbers without sacrificing its vintage appeal. Companies like War Horse Industries and Revology Cars also have entered into this process, creating restomods that are a part of the Mustang’s enduring legacy.

Building Your Dream Restomod Mustang

1967 Shelby GT500CR 900S flat black with black stripes built by Classic Recreations badge and side exhaust

Creating your custom car is a journey of passion and performance. The build starts by selecting a Mustang model before the sale, often sourced from an older Mustang or salvage yard. After an initial inspection and some necessary repairs, the build process begins in earnest.

In most cases, the Mustang’s body is separated from the chassis and restored to factory standards, if not better. Any rust or corrosion is dealt with, and the body is then prepped for paint. This stage ensures that your restomod maintains the Mustang style, an essential feature in the Mustang community.

Engine: The Heart of the Beast

1967 Shelby GT500CR 900S candy red with black stripes built by Classic Recreations with 427 F1 Pro-Charger

The engine is arguably the heart of any muscle car. Whether you opt for a classic car rebuild or a more modern aftermarket high-performance Coyote 302 cubic inch V8, the powerplant is always chosen with performance in mind. However, reliability is just as critical. Fortunately, modern V8 motors and performance parts bring together both elements, providing the speed and power Mustangs are known for, with the reliability of a contemporary car.

Chassis and Suspension


The chassis and suspension play a vital role in the drivability and performance. Builders use the latest technology to improve handling and provide the best driving experience. Upgraded suspension systems ensure a smoother ride that’s fun to drive while shifting gears with a manual gear box, with superior cornering, while the use of performance disc brakes provides excellent stopping power. Optional modern enhancements like these contribute to a ride that feels like a modern sports car, yet looks like a vintage 1965, 1966, 1967, 1968 or 1969 first generation Mustang.

Creating the Ultimate Mustang Widebody

1967 Shelby GT500CR blue with silver stripes built by Classic Recreations

The widebody Mustang is a sight to behold. With its wider stance and flared wheel arches, it has a menacing look that’s hard to ignore. This style is not just about aesthetics, though; it also contributes to the car’s performance. A wider body offers better stability and handling, particularly at high speeds. Add a supercharged crate motor to the mix, and you have a Mustang that looks great and is a beast on the road.

Conclusion: The Future of Restomods

Carbon Fiber 1967 Shelby GT500CR with candy red stripes built by Classic Recreations

With a shop like Classic Recreations, leading the way far beyond Revology Cars or War Horse Industries, the future of these modern Shelby Mustangs looks bright. As technology continues to evolve for the driver, so too will the capabilities of these impressive machines. Modern upgrades will further bolster automobile performance, while maintaining the timeless appeal of the classic Mustang.

To summarize, here are the essential points to remember:

  • Restomods are Mustangs equipped with modern performance parts and engineering.
  • These vehicles maintain the look and feel of the original models while offering the reliability and performance of a modern sports car.
  • Popular restomod builds include the Fastback, Shelby GT500, and Boss 429 Coupe.
  • The process of creating one involves restoring the body, upgrading the engine, and enhancing the frame and suspension.
  • The widebody Mustang restomod is a unique style that combines performance and aesthetics.

Whether you’re an owner, a builder, or a Mustang enthusiast, these restomod Mustangs represent the perfect blend of past and present. They’re a testament to the enduring legacy of the many Ford Mustangs on the road, America’s favorite pony car.