When car enthusiasts around the world look for a performance upgrade or a complete restoration that demands the highest level of care, service and craftsmanship, they look to us. At Classic Recreations, we take on the most challenging projects to deliver something bold and unique to a discerning, select, group of clients. With the top technicians and craftsmen in the industry, we specialize in customized fabrication, paint and body, sheet metal replacement, design and assembly. You can see it in our work with more than 200 show-winning classic cars since 2002, and hundreds of satisfied customers.

Before restoration


After restoration



Once a vehicle has been fully taken apart it truly shows itself – what can be preserved, what must be replaced and what can be done to make your car unique.


After disassembly, the body is media blasted to remove old paint, corrosion and rust. This process brings the metal down to a raw state, revealing any body panels that may need repair or replacement. With I-CAR certified welders and fabricators, all required sheet metal repair and fabrication is performed with precision and care.


With paint applied and parts gathered, the heart of the car – its engine – can be installed. In some cases, the use of the original engine is desired, while in others a performance crate motor or custom-built engine fulfills your vision for the car.


This step is followed by interior and exterior trimming and, of course, a final comprehensive inspection to ensure that your restored vehicle is of the highest quality and meets Classic Recreations exacting standards.


At this stage, your dream car begins to take shape. A show quality paint job begins with careful preparation, meaning panels must be perfectly shaped, smoothed and properly aligned.


Jason Engel, founder and president of Classic Recreations personally oversees the painting process to guarantee your car’s color is expertly executed. The result of this passionate attention to detail is crisp bodywork and rich paintwork with a mirror-like reflection for gloss colors or a uniform matte appearance for frozen colors.


From modified running gear and suspension, to bodywork and interior trimmings, Classic Recreations has the necessary experience with all kinds of custom setups to get your unique desire on the road and the trophy case.


Throughout the restoration process, there are always opportunities for unique personalization. Like Classic Recreations’ Mustang and Shelby offerings, we can modify running gear, suspension, bodywork and interior trimmings to create a dream car that is uniquely yours, inside and out.


Undertaking a restoration project is about more than just breathing new life into your vehicle, it’s about making a heartfelt dream come true. For many of our clients, this means only the best of the best, with no compromise. And we agree. Our technicians and artisans don’t have a mediocre mode. It’s only the best they have to offer on every single aspect of the vehicle.

Executing at that level takes time, consideration and diligence. It also requires setting proper expectations with the client. Depending on your scope of work, our restoration projects often start around $75,000 for complete strip-down, paint and some performance modifications and have well exceeded $200,000 for extensive body work, paint, interior and drivetrain restoration or restomod.

This type of budget is definitely not for everyone. But if you demand only the best, it all starts with a conversation.

Let us know a little about your dream project and how best to reach you and one of our consultants will contact you promptly.